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Apple CEO Tim Cook heads to China, holds talks with local carriers

Reports coming in from Chinese media outlets reveal that Apple CEO Tim Cook has visited China and is holding talks with local carriers there possibly regarding upcoming iPhones as well as slowing iPhone sales in that particular market.


The topic of these talks hasn’t officially been disclosed, but it is believed that Apple is meeting with local carriers ahead of releasing the upcoming iPhone. China is one major market for Apple and the company already partners with China Telecom, one of the biggest cellular networks in the People’s Republic. According to reports, Tim Cook has already had a meeting with the folks at China Telecom.

In the two years that he has been CEO, this is Tim Cook’s third documented trip to China. A lot of things are believed to be on the agenda this time around. It won’t come as a surprise if he holds meetings with suppliers over the recent allegations of worker abuse in the supply chain. Moreover, the report also suggests that Tim Cook will be meeting with China Unicom and China Mobile. The latter is the world’s biggest cellular network with over 700 million subscribers, both these carriers don’t officially sell the iPhone as yet. If Apple can get its new iPhone on these two carriers, it would do wonders for the sales figures that are currently slowing down.

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