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Apple brings Force Touch to MacBook Pro 15, lowers 5K iMac starting price to $2,000

The rumored minor rehashes are now official, although they’re even more trivial than anticipated.

MacBook Pro 15

You wouldn’t typically expect any big product announcements from Cupertino with under a month to go until the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, but between the phablet-sized iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and futuristic Apple Watch, the once uber-conservative company proved surprises have suddenly become a part of its DNA.

Let’s therefore welcome a pair of mildly upgraded 15-inch MacBook Pros, as well as a downgraded, “affordable” Retina iMac. Perhaps more importantly, be sure to take note of the high-end 5K iMac’s (hopefully) permanent discount to $2,299.

At 300 bucks less, you’ll only sacrifice 0.2 GHz of fourth-gen Intel Core i5 processing power and Fusion data storage technology. In other words, the $1,999 configuration features a 1 TB standard HDD and 3.3 GHz quad-core i5 chip capable of 3.7 GHz Turbo Boost velocity, while 2,300 clams buy you slightly speedier hybrid memory and a 3.5/3.9 GHz CPU.

iMac 5k

As far as the Retina MacBook Pro 15 goes, there are no price cuts in sight, but in fact the complete opposite. An “entry-level” model now starts at $1,999, i.e. $100 north than before, accommodating Force Touch trackpad innovations for a “new dimension of interactivity.”

Haptic feedback will allow you to “customize the amount of pressure needed to register each click” for a more natural user interaction, and “2.5 times faster flash storage”, plus an extra hour of battery life also headline the changelog.

Unfortunately, both the $1,999 and $2,499 15-inch MacBook Pro versions still pack Intel Haswell punch instead of next-gen Broadwell processors. The $500 gap is justified by faster discrete AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphics use on the costlier config. Oh, yeah, and there’s a huge 256 GB flash storage difference too.

Source: Business Wire

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