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Apple bringing $19 Lightning to Micro USB adapter to the U.S

Apple is finally bringing the Lightning to Micro USB adapter, which has only been available in Europe, to the United States. It can now be purchased on Apple's website.

The United States is something of an anarchy when it comes to mobile device chargers, adapters, etc. That is why Apple, an American corporation, was able to invent yet another charging and syncing protocol with the release of the iPhone 5, known as 'Lightning'.

This new release was met with a good deal of criticism, since it forced some consumers to purchase adapters or Lightning cords for their new Apple devices. Additionally, a special security technology inside of Lightning cables make them a very difficult target for imitation, therefore wiping out a good deal of cheaper alternatives which might otherwise have been available from Chinese imitators on the internet.

Apple is not known for cheap anything, and their cables are no exceptions.

The problem of needing to purchase an adapter still existed in Europe, but nobody with a Micro USB cable had to worry about getting a new cable. The European Commission's guidelines require all mobile devices to be compatible with the Micro USB standard.

In order to meet this standard, Apple released a Lightning to Micro USB adapter in Europe. For a long time, this convenient device has been unavailable in America, except through 3rd party resellers.

Image from Apple

Those Americans that do not simply follow along with Apple's comparatively Draconian methods will be elated to learn that the adapter is now available to purchase, directly through Apple's website.

Although the adapter costs $19.00, the experience of being able to use an already purchased cord with a new Apple product in the U.S should be like a splash of cool, clear water on the face of a man trapped in a sweltering desert*.

The adapter is compatible with all current iOS devices, including the iPad mini, and with the seventh generation iPod nano.

It is capable of charging, and syncing devices in the same manner of a standard Lightning cord.

Source: AppleInsider

*Please note that the author of this article is an American.

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