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Apple: “Before contacting the genius bar, have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Apple, presumably fed up with the number of unneccessary support requests it gets, has started asking it's customers to  reset their devices, before contacting them.

As anyone who has tried to troubleshoot a computer will tell you, the first thing to do is usually to try turning it off and on again. I myself have been doing it for years. Most of the time, this will solve your problems, but the general public seems quite unaware of this handy all-round solution. Resetting the device has been a running joke on the comedy TV series "the IT crowd" (there's a montage below, for your amusement), because it's something tech support has to say over and over again.

Apple has seemingly caught on to this fact. Currently, when making a genius bar reservation for fixing your iPhone, apple tells the user to try resetting it first, likely saving the company a lot of time, and frustration for their support staff. Curiously, the suggestion is not presented when reserving tech support for an iPad or iMac, even though it is fairly universal in terms of devices.

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