In the last couple of weeks multiple reports came in from China about two people who had been electrocuted by fake power adapters for iOS devices. Apple has now announced a USB power adapter replacement program, allowing customers to replace the unofficial unit with an official one for just $10.


It was back in June when we first heard that the death of a flight attendant had been caused in China as she tried to charge her iPhone 4. A week after that we heard a report about a man who was electrocuted and subsequently entered in to a coma after he too tried charging his iPhone 4. In both cases it was found that they had used fake chargers which are likely to be the cause of electrocutions.

Apple soon posted a warning on its Chinese website warning customers against fake chargers and showing them how to spot a genuine one. This latest program goes one step ahead in ensuring the safety and security of millions of Apple customers. Adding that customer safety is their top priority, Apple today announced a program to trade in unofficial USB adapters with genuine ones. To qualify, customers must take their fake charger as well as their iOS device to an Apple Retail Store or Authorized Reseller.

This program starts off in the U.S. on August 16th, in China it beings from August 9th. Apple will give customers a new official USB power adapter for their iOS device for a discounted price of $10. Surely worth making the trip to your local Apple Retail Store or Authorized Reseller, better be safe than sorry.

Adrian Fonseca
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