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Apple and Samsung reach no settlement in court ordered talk

Apple and Samsung have failed to settle patent disputes after two days of court-ordered negotiation.

Apple and Samsung have failed to settle patent disputes after two days of court-ordered talks.

Apple's Tim Cook – Photo: Robert Galbraith

In a court ordered and presumably awkward meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung met to try and resolve their patent disputes out of court for two days. It has not been publicly revealed what solutions were presented by either party at this meeting, although Samsung president J.K. Shin has recently suggested cross-licensing patents.

Apple has a big beef with Samsung, due to claimed patent infringement. Apple has constantly blamed Samsung for producing products with uncanny similarities to Apple's iPhone and iPad. In its court war, Apple has successfully banned specific Samsung products around the world. They will be trying to ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S next.

Samsung's Choi Gee-sung – (AP Photo/CTK, Samuel Kubani)

The Korea Times reveals that the two-day negotiations failed to produce any settlement. Apple holds its position that Samsung copied the appearance of the iPhone and iPad, while Samsung insists that Apple pay royalties for using its wireless transmission technology. Since there has been no settlement, Apple and Samsung will be going back to court starting on June 30th. After that, no further settlement talks can be held unless prompted by the companies themselves.

Apple and Samsung have been going at each other’s throats for a long time, but Apple has been the one to generally come out on top. This might not be surprising if Samsung were a comparative nobody, like Proview, but Samsung is the world's-largest IT producer, so maybe it is a little bit surprising that the Korean company has failed to win any of its infringement claims against Apple.

But then again, maybe that's because Samsung actually is a copycat. It isn't simply black rectangular phones which give many Samsung devices an uncanny resemblance to the iPhone, but incredibly similar interfaces as well. Apple has specifically attacked Samsung's Galaxy smartphone, contrasting it with the iPhone in a filing.

But, on that point, the Samsung Galaxy is doing very well, and isn't going anywhere. It isn't any wonder that Apple stubbornly persists in their court battles.

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