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Apple and BMW might resume talks on a car in the future

Currently the two companies have not formally confirmed that they might partner on a car.


It has increasingly been reported that Apple wants to make a car, possibly a self-driving electric car and while the company’s automotive plans remain a secret right now it was reported recently that Apple and BMW were talking about a possible collaboration. Apparently the Cupertino company was interested in using the BMW i3 electric car as a base for its own electric car.

According to a new report by Reuters talks between Apple and BMW have fallen through because the former was more interested in developing an electric car on its own rather than just working with BMW and licensing some of the German car maker’s technology.

The report also says that BMW played its cards too close to its chest as it didn’t want to end up as a supplier who merely provides hardware to technology greats such as Apple. BMW has already stated publicly that it has no plans to jointly develop a car with Apple but a source tells the scribe that exploratory talks between senior managers at both companies could begin at some point in the future.

Apple has no prior experience with making cars so it would be beneficial for the company to team up with an established giant like BMW, but will both companies be able to set aside their agendas in order to jointly work on a car? It seems rather ambitious if you ask me.

Source: Reuters

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