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AP40: A Portable Game Controller

On this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature AP40, a wireless Bluetooth game controller compatible with Smartphones and Computers. This device is not only nifty when it comes to aiding you in your next quest, but its design is pretty cute too. As a tribute of sorts to Apple’s anniversary, the AP40’s design is made to look like Apple’s iconic rainbow coloured logo.


The sole idea of developing AP40 is to bring back the good old days of gaming where a controller is needed to navigate through a game. Tapping on Bluetooth connectivity, AP40 pairs easily with your Smartphone, tablet or computer – similar to how you might pair a wireless speaker or headset. Aside from Bluetooth connectivity, the AP40 is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Wii, PS3 and Raspberry Pi systems.

Measuring 132 x 64 x 15mm, the AP40 has a rechargeable battery that lasts for almost 20 hours on a single charge via its micro-USB port. Aside from just the controller, there is also a pledge variant that comes with a matching device stand. This keeps your portable device upright (which makes your Smartphone or tablet look like an actual computer screen) while playing your favourite games.  


There might be gaming stations like the Playstation or Xbox which operate using wireless controllers. However, these controllers are usually only compatible with certain systems, unlike the AP40 which is able to work with most. Personally, some mobile or computer games are better enjoyed with a physical controller with actual buttons, and AP40 is able to provide for that.


Availability and Price

With 3 weeks left on its Kickstarter campaign, the AP40 has just recently reached its funding goal. Pledges start at SG$67 (HK$380) for 1 AP40 controller, international shipping is included in this pledge amount. All orders for the AP40 look to be fulfilled by January 2017.

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