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Anti-reflective coating on Retina MacBook Pro reportedly peeling off

At least for some users.


A potential new problem with Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro seems to have surfaced. There are reports that some users are seeing the anti-reflective coating peel off the Retina display. Users who have faced this have already made a plethora of complaints about this problem which doesn’t appear to be the result of conventional wear and tear associated with a notebook.

The accompanying image clearly shows just how bad the display looks as the anti-reflective coating starts to peel off. Moreover this leaves behind patches with some of them retaining the anti-reflective capability and the others losing it. Some of the users who are seeing this on their Retina MacBook Pro say that this happened regardless of the fact that they followed Apple’s instructions about how to take care of the MacBook Pro’s display.

One user reported: “I had the exact same problem, and I followed the cleaning instructions on the Apple website: a lint free cloth and a small amount of water. Was trying to remove a mark in the corner of my screen and a shiny scratch appeared on the bezel. It grew in size and it looked like the coating on the bezel was coming off like everyone is saying.”

There have also been reports that while some users have been able to get their notebooks fixed under warranty others have been told that cosmetic damages are not covered under the warranty and that if they want to get it fixed they will have to pay a service charge which costs a couple of hundred dollars.

Source: Macrumors

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