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Antec Solo II Case Review

Quality (30% of the total score)

Although the Solo II is a very simple looking case, the chassis design is sophisticated and the materials used of very high quality. It may look like any other tower case, even somewhat frail considering that the top half of the motherboard’s tray is cut out and that the PSU support bar can be removed, yet the structure of the Solo II is astonishingly sturdy. There are no manufacturing imperfections (such as sharp edges) to even speak of. The Solo II certainly lives up to the high quality standards Antec has us used to.

Quality Score 10/10


Performance (30% of the total score)

The Antec Solo II is not a product designed for maximum thermal performance, therefore it would be unfair to compare our results to those we received while testing a huge gaming case. The Solo II is a relatively small tower case with a single 120mm exhaust fan and its thermal performance is impeded even further by the use of sound dampening materials. Even so, the Solo II gave us very good thermal performance results, comparable to those we receive from budget and mainstream gaming cases. The icing on the cake is the exceptional acoustics performance, the best we have ever encountered to this date.

Performance Score 8.0/10


Aesthetics (30% of the total score)

Aesthetics are a subjective topic and discussing the design of the Solo II case is no exception. The Solo II is extremely simple and can boast only about its remarkable piano black paint job; most hardcore modders and people who like fancy, complex designs with lots of lighting would describe it as a strange looking monolith. On the other hand, users who like minimalistic and elegant designs will love the classy appearance of the Solo II, the design of which matches the theme of a clean high-tech environment, living room or office.

Aesthetics Score 8.5/10


Value (10% of the total score)

Unfortunately the worst enemy of the Solo II is the product itself. The MSRP of this case is 129.95$, considerably more than its predecessor and a price tag which places the Solo II in the same league as some very tough competition. It does offer a good set of features and the best acoustics performance we have ever encountered but on the other hand it is a relatively small tower case with mediocre thermal expansion options. With the high price tag and simplistic appearance, we believe that the Solo II will mostly appear to middle class specialty users, limiting the market of the product significantly.

Value Score 7.0/10


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