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Antec Solo II Case Review

In order to assess the thermal performance of the case we will be using our Integrated Casing Torture Test (ICTT) system to take readings over a period of one and a half hour. All of the case fans are operating at their maximum speed during the test and both side panels are closed. The exhaust temperature probe was placed above the rear fan of the case.



While the thermal performance of the Antec Solo II case might seem unimportant, it actually is good considering the small size of the case and the single 120mm cooling fan. Adding the sound dampening insulation which also blocks the side panels from expelling as much heat as plain metallic panels would, the Solo II performed remarkably well and should be able to cope with even powerful gaming systems installed without adding any extra fans.


The Antec Solo II also set the acoustics record of the most quiet case we have ever tested. The single cooling fan cannot generate any notable noise and the sound dampening insulation reduces it even further, resulting to our sound level meter registering only 25.8dB(A), meaning that the Solo II by itself and with the stock fan running at maximum speed is practically inaudible.

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