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Another Xperia phone spotted in leaked images

Yet another Xperia phone seems to have found its way into the rumor mill in picture form. Its model number is S39h and obviously comes in a white color.  Unfortunately, its origins are unknown, but if you're a fan of Sony phones, there's nothing wrong with more.


As if there weren’t enough Xperia phones in the rumor mill already, Xperia Blog has some leaked pictures of a new handset in the Xperia line that goes by model the number S39h. Xperia Blog notes that the 4.3” Xperia L goes by S36h, so this may be another variation of it or a phone somewhere above it in the line.
As you can see in the images, the phone sports the Sony self-proclaimed iconic power button seen on many of the company’s recent smartphones. Furthermore, the model pictured is sporting a white casing. At this point it’s impossible to tell whether or not this phone is something that will actually see a release, or if it’s just a prototype of something that already exists.
If one thing is for sure, it doesn’t seem like Sony is slowing down any time soon. While other Android manufacturers seem to be focusing on as few handsets as possible, Sony remains keen on the strategy of releasing many models that fit in different segments of the market from the low-end to the high-end and in betweens.  There is also the rumored camera phone coming out along with the Galaxy S4 Zoom from Samsung.
Nonetheless, for the Xperia fans out there, here is another one to add to your radar. Hopefully more information comes out soon.
Source: Xperia Blog

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