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Another LG smartwatch swings by the FCC with big display, unattractive design

Quite a steep departure from the “luxury”, fully circular Watch Urbane.

LG smartwatch FCC

Given LG barely joined the fledgling smartwatch arena 14 months ago, when the awkwardly rectangular G Watch went on sale, we must admit the Korean manufacturer has come a long way in a short period of time.

The “perfectly round” G Watch R and Watch Urbane are undoubtedly among the sexiest intelligent timepieces in the world, and they’re no pushovers as far as performance and productivity goes either. But are they not manly and muscular enough for lovers of the outdoors?

It’s probably what LG wondered when kicking off R&D work on the VC110, a seemingly robust non-Android Wear smartwatch headed for Verizon with standalone cellular connectivity onboard. The FCC recently green-lighted the mysterious wearable device, exposing its cumbersome exterior in a series of test pics.

LG smartwatch FCC-2

This is clearly not targeted at fashionistas, with a square screen and rubbery plastic construction, though some speculate it could be that rumored high-res “Nemo.” Granted, the display is large enough to accommodate more pixels than any other smartwatch before the VC110, at 1.77 inches, yet a resolution of 480 x 480 simply doesn’t fit the bulky, almost crude appearance.

Instead, we expect advanced activity tracking functions from the watch/fitness band hybrid, plus waterproofing and perhaps a certain resistance to drops and shocks.

We’d of course be remiss not to stress the VC110’s predictable family connection with last year’s VC100, aka GizmoPal, marketed by Big Red as the ultimate kid locator. It’s also worth reminding you a VC200 scored FCC certification last week, which further shows LG has big, diverse plans for the wearable landscape.

Everybody ready to welcome a children-focused GizmoPal 2 and a spin-off of sorts addressing sports fans?

Source: Slashgear

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