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Another iPhone 6 case hints at repositioned power button

Yet another purported iPhone 6 case has surfaced online, hinting once again at the possibility of the power button being repositioned.


Recently a purported iPhone 6 front panel appeared online giving us a glimpse of just how big the new iPhone would look like when compared with the existing model.

Some things have stayed the same on the iPhone: ever since the first one came out in 2007 the power button has always been in the top right hand corner. With Apple expected to shake things up with the iPhone 6, is it possible that even the power button may finally be repositioned?

These accessory manufacturers seem to think so. Despite the fact that there are still quite a few months left until Apple is due to announce the new iPhone, case makers have already started producing cases for the next generation of Apple’s smartphone. We see this happening every year; They take a big gamble on rumors and supply chain leaks to make their products. Since Apple’s mobile devices attract customers in large numbers at launch case makers want to capitalize on that by being the first ones to offer a wide variety of accessories.

Previous rumors have suggested that Apple may reposition the buttons its next iPhone. Another iPhone 6 case leaked recently corroborated the same. In this case the power button is not in the top right hand corner where iPhone users would expect it to be. It appears to have been moved to the right hand side of the device. The volume rocker and mute switch appear to be in the same position. However it looks like iPhone 6 may have thin oblong volume buttons like the 5th generation iPod touch.

It’s unclear why Apple would want to reposition the power/sleep button on its next iPhone. It’s possible that the company may have had to make the switch since iPhone 6 is expected to have a completely new form factor.

More details on the iPhone 6 are expected as its release date nears.

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