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Another image of the thin bezel alleged LG Optimus G2 leaked

Only a few days ago did popular un-released hardware leaks specialist evleaks post some pictures of a thin bezel packing LG smartphone. Well, it's time for round 2!

The twitter account of evleaks has posted yet another image of a thin bezel LG smartphone. Alleged to be the LG Optimus G2, the new image shows the phone lying atop a tangle of wires, which happen to be earphones and a laptop charger chord among other things. What's important is that the new image is consistent with the images that were leaked earlier this week.

Just like the previous images, the top of the device has a tiny (what seems to be) aluminium strip covering the ear piece (as our logical minds tell us). On the left we see a sensor, which could be a light sensor, proximity sensor or a front facing camera (we'll take a wild guess and say it's the front camera). Also unlike the last round of images, the handset display isn't showing an all blue color and it looks pretty magnificent while switched off and in all its black beauty, so much so that we can hardly spot the difference between the display and the almost non-existent bezel.

Also, our other observations conclude that the display is most probably an IPS LCD type (LG has been using them for a while; it simply can't be AMOLED as there is no blue hue when switched off). The front of the display looks to be covered in glass (Gorilla Glass 3 perhaps?) but is hardly reflective (except for something on the top right). It's almost as if a non-reflective screen guard has been applied, but we can barely spot any differentiating lines between the display and edge of the phone to confirm that. If it's non-reflective, that's a pretty good thing.

Reports are flying that the device in question might be the successor to the popular LG Optimus G, or Google's (LG made) Nexus 5. In either case we'd be really happy to see this phone. We have reasons to believe that the unreleased LG phone is the Optimus G2 (due to the LG branding) and that it will pack a Snapdragon 800 chipset (as our internal sources tell us LG is working on one such phone for a Q3 release). Hopefully the dust settles and we find out more concrete details about the phone soon.

Preetam Nath
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