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Another 7-inch, dual-core tablet shows up in China

Getting a tablet computing device which boasts the use of dual-core processors is often one of the fastest way to breaking one's piggy bank, but when you are in China, such luxuries are often available to just about anybody thanks the wide variety of low-cost tablets which actually boast rather decent performance for their price. And the latest such tablet to show up in China comes in the form of the seven-inch LY-F526, which is produced by an OEM known as Shenzhen Lingyunxianfeng.

So you have been bitten by the tablet bug and are now looking for a reasonably-sized device which boasts a decent dual-core processor to assist you in your mobile computing needs. That is great and all, except that you are on a tight budget, and getting a dual-core tablet from any big name OEM is definitely going to break the piggy bank. Unless you happen to be in China, where dual-core tablets such as Shenzhen Lingyunxianfeng's LY-F526 are readily available to the masses at extremely low prices.

According to the specifications sheet we were able to pull off the popular Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba.com, the LY-F526 reportedly makes use of a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor clocked at 1.2GHz, although this is somewhat mismatched with a paltry 512MB of onboard memory on the LY-F526. The seven-inch screen is also anything but impressive, being capable of a relatively low maximum resolution of 800 x 480, while the onboard camera is probably the least attractive of the package with its 1.3 megapixel resolution.

However, if it is of any consolation, the LY-F526 makes up for that by boasting up to 4GB of internal flash storage, along with support for a variety of standard features such as wireless Internet connectivity via WiFi and 3G along with 720p video playback. In addition, the tablet will also sport what appears to be a HDMI-out port, and is reportedly bundled with a 4500mAh battery pack which is provides up to nine hours of uptime on a single charge. Oh, and it will also be bundled with the relatively ancient v2.2 Android operating system, but this is to be expected, considering how the LY-F526 is selling for a mere US$140-150 apiece.

Source: Shanzhaiben, Alibaba

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