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Animal Crossing 2019: All the New Features We Demand

Can you believe it? It’s already been 6 years since the last Animal Crossing main game release! After the ultimate teaser and final reveal of Animal Crossing 2019 at Nintendo Direct, we’re here to compile what fans of AC (Animal Crossing, not Assassin’s Creed, duh) all over the world would want to see in AC:2019.

Enhanced Multiplayer

Image: AC Wiki

In New Leaf, we got a taste of what multiplayer was on the tropical Tortimer Island. Now AC2019 should definitely bring that feature into the town. In older versions of AC like Wild World and City Folk, inviting your friends to town was kind of a lacklustre activity – You could fish together or just take walks. With the paid service, Nintendo Online, rolling out this month, AC 2019 better give us some quality multiplayer features.

New Villagers

Image: Crayon Chewer on DeviantArt

With the release of AC: New Leaf we had 2 new species of villagers, hamsters and deer. In AC: 2019, the community has raised tons of requests for new species like bats, sharks, octopi and even spiders! While they’re at it, it would be great if the villagers had more personality and present more interactive dialogue opportunities for the players.


From AC Wiki

Cooking is a big thing in simulator games but for some reason, the AC series never included this! Some ideas for the uses of cooking include gifting, selling and of course, collecting every recipe in the game.

Better Home and Town Designing

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. Image: Nintendo AU

One of the reasons why AC is so endearing is the ability to customise your home and town the way you want it. There are endless themes and choices for you to pick from but in the last game, AC was still using the “place the item from your inventory and move it by clicking” mechanic. In recent spinoff games like Happy Home Designer (HHD) and the mobile Pocket Camp, designing and frequently changing your decor has never been easier. I definitely feel like having a mechanic like the HHD designing tool will make AC: 2019 even more enjoyable.

More Ways to Earn Bells ($$)

From AC Wiki

The standard way to earn bells has always been to sell bugs/fish/fruit to your respective general store dude (Nook or the cute Alpaca). In AC: 2019, earning bells should be so much more than that. Maybe we can farm, get a job or auction stuff – a feature that was seen in AC: City Folk.

Bigger Backpack, Bigger Town

From Nintendo

All fans of AC know the struggle of keeping all the extra things you need within letters in your inventory. The solution is simple: upgradable bigger backpacks. And speaking of bigger, let’s hope they open up the town or have new explorable areas with more things to do just like with Tortimer Island and the City in City Folk.

Now that’s just 5 things that I want to see in the AC: 2019, feel free to share your thoughts and wishes in the comments while we wait for 2019.

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