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Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7, or not?

Microsoft had apparently placed an icon of Angry Birds on its Windows Phone site, suggesting that the highly popular game would be available on its new mobile platform. The move, however, ruffled the feathers of the game’s developers Rovio Mobile, prompting them to make an annoucement on their Twitter page which says otherwise…

Microsoft had conveniently placed an icon of the highly popular Angry Birds game on its Windows Phone site. Naturally, we would all assume that this hit game would be ported over to Microsoft’s new mobile platform very soon.

However, the folks at Rovio Mobile weren’t too happy once they realised that their Angry Birds icon had appeared completely out of the blue, and made an announcement on their Twitter page saying that they are currently not committed to making a Windows Phone 7 version of Angry Birds, and that “Microsoft had used the Angry Birds icon on their site without (Rovio Mobile’s) permission”.

Microsoft later issued a statement to apologize for the oversight, claiming that “information was mistakenly posted”. That alone won’t make their marketing team (antics included) angels overnight, for they allegedly tempted iPhone developers of popular applications with a wad of cash to port apps over to the new Windows platform a couple of months ago.

Microsoft definitely needs the support of popular applications and games in order for its Windows Phone 7 to gain market share; well, we know of people out there who buy an iPhone just to play Angry Birds. Rovio Mobile also commented later on in a follow-up that whether a Windows Phone 7 version appears is solely at their discretion, so riling a flock of angry birds might not be the smartest thing to do…

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