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Android TV is Google’s latest plan for the living room

Google is working on a tailored version of Android in a bid to take on Amazon’s Fire TV.


Looks like Google isn’t content with building a customized version of Android for wearable devices. According to leaked documents obtained by TheVerge, Google is working on a bare-bones Android interface for the living room. The interface features a cards-based design layout that is easy to navigate and shows different forms of content like movies, shows, apps, and games in a single shelf.

With Android TV, Google is trying to make it easier for users to browse and discover new content. The documentation for Android TV states that it will be “an entertainment interface, not a computing platform. It’s all about finding and enjoying content with the least amount of friction.” The interface itself is described as being “cinematic, fun, fluid, and fast.” The remote control that will be bundled with Android TV will have four-way directional buttons in addition to Enter, Home, and Back buttons. Users will also be able to navigate via voice commands.

This means that Android TV will be akin to other streaming boxes, like Roku or Amazon’s Fire TV. Users will have access to Google’s services like the Play Store, Play Movies, YouTube, and Hangouts along with Vevo, Netflix, Pandora and Hulu among others. Google failed the first time around with Google TV, so it should be interesting to see the direction it takes this time around. If Google is going to sell the device directly, like it does the Nexus devices and the Chromecast, it needs to find a hardware vendor that will manufacture the streaming box. That might prove difficult, as hardware manufacturers like LG are working on their own solutions for the living room.

With Google’s annual I/O conference two months away, it is likely that the search giant will introduce its plans for Android TV during the event.

Source: The Verge

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