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Android SDK for wearables will be available in two weeks’ time

By announcing a version of Android that is tailored for wearable devices, Google is getting set to create a wearable platform that runs on Android.


Google’s head of Android Sundar Pichai announced at SXSW (South By Southwest) that the Android SDK for wearable devices will be offered in two weeks’ time. With the Android SDK for wearable devices, developers can start building utilities for fitness trackers, smartwatches and other wearable devices.

Google will be offering the Android SDK for wearable devices for free, much the same way it gives away the Android SDK for mobile devices. It is clear that the search giant wants a foothold in the wearable segment, and offering a version of Android that is catered to wearable devices is a good starting point. The move to offer a tailored version of Android merely a week after Samsung announced its Tizen-based smartwatches isn’t a coincidence. We won’t know how well the Gear 2 and Gear 2 integrate with Samsung’s range of Galaxy mobiles, but from the amount of information Samsung has shared, it is clear that they will offer much more functionality when seen against the original Galaxy Gear.

Pichai stated that one of the main features in the Android SDK for wearables will be the ability to gather information from sensors. “When we think of wearables, we think of it as a platform. We see a world of sensors… sensors can be small and powerful, and gather a lot of information that can be useful for users. We want to build the right APIs for this world of sensors.”

Google itself is said to be working on a smartwatch that will be debuted along with Android 5 in the month of June. Not much is known about Google’s smartwatch, but it is clear that there will be some sort of integration with Google Now.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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