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Android-powered BlackBerry ‘Venice’ gets an odd commercial name – Priv

No prizes for guessing what the moniker is short for, but the security-centric slider could have definitely used a catchier signature.

BlackBerry Priv

The last time BlackBerry tried to reinvent itself, a simple, easy to remember combination of a letter and number were chosen as labels for the Z10, Q10, and Q5. The naming scheme was kept around for the Z30 and Z3, then all of a sudden, BB moved to words. Classic, Passport, and Leap.

It seemed like the perfect strategy, really, as long as the marketing idioms were memorable, which they still are, to be honest, not to mention the Passport and Classic handhelds were succinctly and impeccably described by their pseudonyms.

So, then, where does Priv come from? We don’t mean that literally, as we’re well aware it’s probably the abbreviated version of Private or Privacy. Now, we clearly wouldn’t be very tempted to buy a BlackBerry Private phone, given the jokes we’d willingly expose ourselves to, but the struggling Canadian OEM could have thought of something better.


Why not Slider instead of Priv? It always sounded good to us, and while it doesn’t link to the features BlackBerry will focus all the publicity money on, it sticks with you, and invokes another prospective key selling point of the “Venice”.

By the by, even Venice sounds cooler than Priv, although it makes no sense from a powerful brand-building perspective. Then again, perhaps @evleaks is right, and just as we ultimately got used to Wii, we’ll grow fond of little Priv.

Speaking of the legendary Twitter leakster, he was obviously the one to divulge the awkward designation of the first BlackBerry Android soldier, with N4BB’s perennially reliable sources backing the intel.

A new press render to add to the wide array of previous visual leaks has also come to light, and it stars the BlackBerry Priv in full unfolded touchscreen/QWERTY keyboard hybrid glory. Time for a formal announcement already!

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