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Android P Might Have iPhone X-like Navigation Gestures

It’s undeniable that Apple has been at the forefront of user interface development, especially in the mobile industry, where changes are still occurring at rapid rates. It seems that for all its touted advantages of customisability, Android systems have been playing a game of catch up against iOS devices. The removal of the 3.5mm audio port, capacitive fingerprint sensor, and even the notch: iOS had been there (or at least popularised it) first.

The iPhone, which had relied on a ‘home’ button to access the home screen, navigate between apps, and even summon the Siri assistant, had to find an alternative when the iPhone X vanquished all bezels, save for a notch up north. Face ID and a new navigation bar at the bottom were the answers to that quandary.

While it took some practice for many to get used to a new gesture-based navigation system, it sure did make things more aesthetically pleasing.

With Android P well underway, a screenshot featuring a iPhone-like navigation bar at the bottom of the screen was accidentally uploaded at the Android Developers Blog in a post explaining a new private DNS system in the new iteration of the mobile operating platform.

Could this be a new (old) way to navigate in Android?

Android P will be released in Q3 2018.

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