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Android had now shipped one billion devices

The statistics are in for last year’s smartphone sales, and while Android dominates, Apple is making good strides forward.


The last quarterly reports are in from smartphone giants Samsung and Apple, and now, analysts at Strategy Analytics have completed their review of the last quarter and the last year as a whole, in the smartphone market.

This year has seen a few milestones, and the market has now broken the 1 billion device mark. At the end of the year, a total of 1.28 billion smartphones had shipped, and Android alone accounts for over a billion of them, or 81%. Apple comes in at second place with iOS devices accounting for 15%, or 193 million units.

Strategy Analytics haven’t detailed which phone brands were the most popular throughout 2014, but the last quarterly report puts Apple and Samsung neck and neck, at 74.5 million devices each (or 19.6% of the market), a good leap forward for Apple.


The iPhone 6 is one reason why Apple has caught up to Samsung

Compared to 2013, total sales went up 3% for Android and went down 0.5% for Apple. Microsoft is holding at around 3% of the market, same as last year – but this means they’re growing at pace with the market as a whole. They account for 39 million devices sold, up 3 million from 2013.

The last quarter was particularly lucrative for Apple, which pulled in a whopping $18.04 billion in sales due to the release of their new iPhone models. Their 74.5 million sold units in that quarter accounts for an increase of 23.5million compared to the previous year.

“Apple iOS remains [Android’s] only serious threat for now,” writes Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics. “Apple iOS shipped 192.7 million smartphones worldwide in 2014, capturing 15 percent share. The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models have recently re-energized Apple’s growth and their bigger-screen designs have swiftly gained traction among wealthy consumers.”

Source: Techcrunch

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