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Android N confirmed to bring split screen support


In an hour-long Reddit AMA session, the Google Pixel C team revealed some interesting details about the next version of Android.

Andrew Bowers, Director for Consumer Hardware at Google revealed that they are working on a lot of interesting things with Android N. Although he didn’t reveal much, he did share that Split screen support is in the works currently for the next Android version. Of course, a few Android OEMs such as Samsung have been offering split screen multitasking support on their devices for quite some time now, but it’s definitely great news that the feature will be a part of Android N.

The team also talked about the lack of tablet-optimized apps in the Android ecosystem. Glen Murphy, Director of UX for Android and Chrome mentioned, “We’re spending a lot of time working with developers to get better and more awesome tablet apps”. “But it is definitely a chicken-egg problem, and we think a key driver is awesome hardware.”

Source: Reddit

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