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Android Market hits the mark, has more than 50,000 apps now

The battle for the smartphone market has reached a new high, and Google’s Android is all set to give Apple’s App Store a run for its money with its massive library of downloadable applications.

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Some may have remembered that as early as five months ago, Apple made the announcement that their tightly-regulated App Store had officially moved past the 100,000 apps mark, along with the fact that the service had also recorded an astounding 2 billion downloads, a fact that was enough to put the iPhone right at the very top of the smartphone market.

However, Apple might soon have to find itself hard-pressed to defend that position, especially if Google had its way with the market. And have its way it did, because a blog post on the “unofficial but rather switched on Android blog AndroLib” revealed that Google’s Android Market had hit 50,000 apps in its repositories.

While the number is currently unofficial (Google has not made any announcements about the validity of the blog posting), it does highlight the fact that Android is catching on extremely fast in the mobile space in spite of its age. To put things in perspective, the iPhone (along with the first iPhone OS)was first launched in 2007, and it took Apple more than two years before it finally approved its 100,000th app into the App Store.

In contrast, Google’s Android operating system debuted in 2008, an entire year after iPhone OS made its entrance, and despite being the youngest competitor on the block, it has managed to surpass Windows Mobile in popularity to attain its position of being the world’s second most popular smartphone OS.

And with the momentum currently on Google’s side due to its much more flexible policies over approving applications on the Android Market, it seems the time where the number of apps available on its platform will surpass that of Apple’s App Store might actually come sooner than expected.

Of course, numbers do not make up for everything, and we expect that there will be those who believe that it is app quality that will eventually be the deciding factor in the competition. And we’re not going to deny that, but it does not change the fact that consumers with Android handsets now have a greater variety of apps to choose from to suit their daily needs and wants. And that is exactly what Google is doing with Android.

Source: TechRadar

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