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Android Lollipop? Google gives strongest hint yet of Android L’s dessert name

Lemon meringue pie? Lion? Lava cake? Layer cake? Nah, it’s most likely Android Lollipop that follows in the footsteps of KitKat… or so Google wants us to think.

Android Lollipop hint

Famous for its deceptive little games and misdirection techniques, Google can’t really be trusted to willfully offer the Android L puzzle solution after last year’s K tricks. Remember how certain we were of the Key Lime Pie moniker until, boom, KitKat dropped out of nowhere?

This time around, the search giant is employing a different tactic, but again, it feels like they’re trying to pull a fast one on Android enthusiasts. Lemon Meringue Pie has long been deemed the frontrunner for the previously announced Android L’s alternate name, but recently, Lion emerged as a very strong candidate.

And now Lollipop is in pole-position, unless we’re reading the hints all wrong, and Google is actually teasing Layer Cake. There’s also the not-so-slim possibility someone in the company’s Mountain View campus is laughing and laughing for sending us on a wild-goose chase, and ultimately, none of the three sweet designations will pan out.



In which case we’re looking at, what, Android 5.0 Lava Cake? 4.5 Ladyfingers? Ah, forget it, let’s call Lollipop the prime suspect at the moment and carry on. After all, naming hoopla aside, L’s success and future widespread popularity depend primarily on the way the new “material design” is executed, the port’s stability and its capacity to eliminate or decrease fragmentation.

Also, to be completely frank, we’d much rather get a cutting-edge new Nexus tablet and a pair of Nexus phones than a copy of Android with a fancy, delicious market name. On that note, why not just make the L working title a final alias?

After all, we’ve started to get used to it, and besides, a move away from desserts and candy may feel like a welcomed step towards maturity.

Oh, right, before we forget, happy birthday Google and watch out for that sweet tooth. You wouldn’t want to get diabetes by the time you’re old enough to drink now, would you?

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