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Android Lollipop firmware leaks for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

There’s no word on when the official update will roll out.


The Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge are the newest and most impressive Samsung devices available on the market today, but the company has ignored the two when it comes to updating them to Android Lollipop, instead focusing on older phones like the Galaxy S5 and even the Galaxy Note 3. Thankfully, impatient folks with a Galaxy Note Edge now have an option to try out the latest version of Android, if they’re willing to take a few risks along the way.

Well, one risk, to be exact – flashing a beta build of Android 5.0, which has leaked online. The ROM is based on Android 5.0.1 and comes directly from Samsung servers, so it should not completely brick a device even if the worst come to worst. Since it’s an official test build, it does include Samsung’s TouchWiz UX on top, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing consider the infamous Android skin has received a considerable boost in visuals thanks to Google’s Material Design.

There’s no word on any new features that take advantage of the curved Edge screen, but we will likely have to wait for the official update to roll out to find out if any such features even exist. Sadly, there’s no telling when the update will start making its way officially to the Galaxy Note Edge, but it should be along at least before the first quarter of 2015 comes to an end (and before the Galaxy S6 makes it to market.)

Source: XDA


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