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Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 coming to your Samsung Galaxy S II

The new Google Android 2.3.6 updates for the Samsung Galaxy S II is on the horizon. Read on to find out how much better this super-phone can become.

Samsung has unleashed a new firmware for its ever-popular Galaxy S II super-phone, merely a week after the version 2.3.5 update for its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S.The new patch addresses some issues including a tendency for lockscreen freezes, minor bugs and security loopholes, as well as upgrades such as a new camera interaction layout, increased HSPA transfer speed, a faster boot-up sequence and a string of other performance improvements. The update was initially reported from Mexico and it should be served through Samsung KIES, the company's proprietary bundled software to interface the phone with the computer. It is believed that the unlocked version of the phone will receive its upgrades first, while carrier-bounded handsets would require approval before receiving the patch. Well, hopefully the update would reach Singaporeans by Decemeber or early next year. Fellow owners can check their update status via the "settings" menu on their phones in hopes of receiving the good news.

 Source: YouMobile, IntoMobile

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