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Android Gets an Offline Search Feature Thanks to a Google Update

In its latest update, Google has introduced a brand new offline search option in its app. This new feature has been rolled out for places where Internet connection is usually bad. This isn’t actually an offline search technically, but Google tries to save pending searches made when the connection begins to get patch so that you can get the results for them later when you go back online.

Google’s upgraded app will save search results once they are retrieved, so that even if you lose connection later on or go into Airplane mode, you’re still good.

“Even if your search fails, Google will deliver your results as soon as a connection is available, so you can keep searching with a single tap.”  – Shekhar Sharad, Product Manager.

As you search for topics when you don’t have any Internet connection, the Google application will notify you to tell you that a network connection is not presently available. It will proceed to inform you that the app will save your search and update you when the results are ready. This feature can be turned off.


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