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Android 4.4 KitKat update for US carrier-locked HTC One imminent, One mini and max a little behind

Likely in an attempt to make users forget about the lack of One X/One X+ software support, HTC has announced the Android 4.4 KitKat update for One versions available on US carriers is in the hands of the “big four”.


HTC got an unusually quick start on KitKat upgrades late last year, when it swiftly rolled OTAs out for the One Google Play and Developer Editions. As a direct consequence, the financially struggling company’s perspectives were starting to look up for once, only it was a false alarm.

Granted, the unlocked HTC One scored Android 4.4 in the meantime, but that’s far too little to make up for the fact the OEM decided to abandon one of its flagship devices after a mere 14 months of miserable existence.

Not to mention HTC continues to fumble with KitKat deadlines for carrier-locked One models. Remember how the rollout was supposed to begin in “late January”? Yeah, that’s no longer the case. But hey, at least they seem to be learning from their mistakes and, instead of announcing a new timeline, they’ve shifted the attention to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

The quartet is said to have the Android 4.4 ports on their tables for “certification”, meaning any further delays can’t be blamed on HTC. Sneaky little devils, huh?

HTC One Android 4.4

The certification stage is apparently the fourth and last in the upgrading process, so technically, it shouldn’t be long now. Only it’s rarely that simple. And networks often have a way of over-testing these things for bugs and glitches. Which between you and me, doesn’t always prevent them from ultimately messing up.

Bottom line, it could be a week until, say, T-Mo kicks the festivities into gear, or it could take Big Red a couple of months to get it all done.

Oh, and by the by, the One mini on AT&T, One max on Sprint and Verizon and Desire 601 on Virgin Mobile are at the “integration” stage, so their KitKat goodie packs are a longer way from completion.

Finally, Verizon’s Droid DNA is being “certified” as we speak, which could mean something… or nothing at all. Oh HTC, you make it so easy for people to love to hate you.

Via [HTC US]

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