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Android 4.3 spotted running on a Nexus 4

A user on XDA has posted pictures of a Nexus 4 sporting a new build number, a newer kernel, and yes, a newer version of Android.

Leading up to Google’s I/O event, there were a lot of rumors indicating that we would see the unveiling of Android version 4.3 rather than 5.0. However, during the keynote, Google ended up not addressing a new version of Android at all. Instead, they chose to focus on updating individual apps and APIs separate from the operating system.

Since then there has been the word spreading that we might see a launch of 4.3 in June or July, and now some pictures have surfaced over on XDA of a Nexus 4 running 4.3. It also shows a completely different build number that current versions don’t have, JWR45B. The kernel also has a date of May 14, another indicator that this is indeed a very recent change that the device is displaying.

The images don’t seem to show any significant changes, so the possibility remains that Google didn’t show their latest version of Android, perhaps because there isn’t much to show in the first place. They could be saving the bigger changes for a major 5.0 update rather than another incremental version update.

There have been different rumors regarding when the new version would start rolling out, the earliest of which being June 10th. We’ll just have to wait at least until then before we get to see more for ourselves, but this serves as another reminder that maybe it’s better to keep expectations in check for this version.

Source: XDA Via: Droid Life

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