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Android 4.3 brings TRIM to Nexus devices

Expect to spend less time maintaining your Nexus tablet or handset now that Google has enabled TRIM for most of their official hardware.

Android 4.3 has now gone live, and for the most part we may not notice much of a difference between the fresh and dated Jelly Beans.  For Nexus 7s and 4 owners, however, the update brings about more than just a few tweaks to the UI, as it also now supports fstrim.


One of the concerns that arose from Nexus users over the past year was that their devices gradually slowed down.  Even a data wipe and fresh flash of the Nexus tablet or handset can only do so much, and the storage I/O problems will eventually reappear.


The TRIM-enabled Android 4.3 update will do wonders for owners of official Google hardware, and now it’s all up to the NAND/ eMMC controller to respond accordingly.  Sustained performance without requiring too much maintenance is the ideal scenario when your mobile device is now the center of all your digital needs.

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