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Andrew Feldman slips away during AMD reorganization

SeaMicro founder and AMD’s server boss says it’s time to take a break, and the server unit is being left in good hands.


The person in charge of AMD’s server processor business has left the company, citing the need to “recharge.”

Andrew Feldman, who ran AMD’s server chip business, came to the company in 2011 after AMD purchased microserver maker SeaMicro. After the takeover, one of AMD CEO Rory Read’s first big moves as CEO, Feldman was put in charge of overseeing AMD’s server chip business while staying on with SeaMicro. If one were to look for a legacy that defines Feldman’s time at AMD, it would arguably be AMD’s push towards developing ARM-based chips for servers.

For his part, Feldman says the timing of his departure and AMD’s reorganization was a coincidence and the two are not related. Feldman simply says it’s time to take a break, and the departure had been in the works for quite some time.

“After seven years of chasing the dragon, I am taking a break and recharging my batteries,” Feldman is quoted by EnterpriseTech as saying. “The SeaMicro group at AMD is stronger than ever, and we have our processors lined up. I don’t have a job lined up. What we do in Silicon Valley, the work-life balance is very sequential and you end up with a big debt to your family and you have to stop and pay it back.”

AMD is said to be looking internally and externally for a replacement.

Going forward AMD will find itself in a difficult position to continue the momentum Feldman started with SeaMicro’s Freedom Fabric and ARM-based server chips. There are now a number of other firms developing their own ARM-based server chips, so AMD will have to work hard to maintain its momentum.

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