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Analyst speculates second-gen iPad Mini won’t sport a Retina display

Apple’s second-gen iPad Mini may not have a Retina display according to analyst.

According to NPD Display Research Analyst Richard Shim, the refreshed 7.9-inch tablet from Apple will stick with its current display and resolution 1024×768.  Also, in his report, he suspects that the next iPad Mini will have an A6 as well as a slightly slimmer body.  Other than the upgraded processor, it seems like the second-gen iPad Mini won’t be much of a game-changer.

People’s reception of the iPad Mini has been, for the most part, largely favorable, so it’s understandable that people may have higher expectations for the second iteration.  The addition of a Retina display is widely considered as a reasonable update, as many tablet manufacturers have been pushing for high resolution displays—even in small screen, budget tablets.

Tim Cook said earlier this year in the company’s investor call that Apple is lining up some ‘new amazing hardware’ due to debut in 2014.  If Shim’s prediction holds true, however, it will erase a lot of Cook’s claims of ‘amazing’ products.  An iPad Mini with Retina wouldn’t exactly be amazing in any sense, but a minor refresh wouldn’t be exactly pleasing to Apple’s loyal followings either.

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