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Analyst predicts that iPhone 6 will have a 4.8 inch display

The iPhone 6 doesn’t launch until late 2014, but that doesn’t mean speculation can be plugged. An analyst predicts that the next generation iPhone will have a 4.8 inch display.


Apple can’t obviously be expected to launch the iPhone 6 any time soon, given the fact that it just released the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C merely two weeks ago. With regards to design changes, the iPhone 5S is an incremental update. It looks more or less than the same like its predecessor. Apple is expected to make significant design changes in the iPhone 6, and one particular major change is said to be the display size. It has been rumored multiple times that the next iPhone will have a larger display, and Peter Misek of Jefferies reiterates that after having meetings with Apple suppliers in Asia.

It was rumored last month that Apple is currently testing a number of iPhone prototype internally that have various display sizes ranging from 4.8 inches to 6 inches. While the company itself hasn’t confirmed the possibility of iPhone 6 having a larger display, it is widely believed to make the jump seeing as how there’s intense consumer demand in the market for smartphones with large displays. The 4.8 inch display size would keep the iPhone well below the “phablet” category and will appease customers who’ve been calling on Apple to make this fundamental change in its popular smartphone.

Still, it can’t be said for sure if Apple will end up doing this, seeing as how there’s no official confirmation from the company. Apple can’t be expected to say anything about the iPhone 6 right up till the moment it makes the official announcement, which is more or less a full year away.

Source: CNET

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