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Analyst expects Apple to launch refreshed Apple TV next year

There has been much talk about Apple’s TV plans, an analyst believes that the company might launch a refresh Apple TV set-top box in 2014.


There were quite a few times this year when rumors started circulating that an updated Apple TV set-top box is just around the cards. These rumors peaked around the time the company was due to announce its new iPhones, but despite all of the predictions, Apple still hasn’t updated the set-top box. It is now believed that the refreshed model is going to be released next year and that it will come with an A7 processor under the hood.

KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple TV shipments have slowed down over the past year, with only 7.6 million units being shipped throughout this year. If the prediction is true, this would translate into a five percent year-over-year drop. Kuo is of the view that Apple may ship 8.2 million units of the Apple TV set-top box in 2014, the number is likely to be reached if a refreshed model is finally released.

As far as the company’s full fledged HDTV plans are concerned, Kuo claims that they have been pushed back to 2015 as its not feasible enough for Apple to launch the iTV in 2014. Another recent report claimed that the company has delayed the TV set to 2015 because it is having issues with securing content that would help set its smart TV apart from the competitors.

Source: AppleInsider

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