There was a rumor a long time ago that Apple would be making their own “iWatch”, which has sparked every other company to go ahead and try and do it first. One analyst claims Apple is almost ready to release theirs.

There were two things that accelerated the smartwatch market into overdrive.  One was the Pebble smartwatch, and the other was the very rumor that Apple has been cooking up one of their own.  Usually when Apple does something there is a good chance it becomes the next big thing so it has been no surprise that companies like Samsung, Google, and Microsoft have all been rumored to be cooking up one as well.

One analyst by the name of Glen Yeung is claiming that Apple’s “iWatch” could be out in the second half of this year. CNET shares the following quote:

“We believe iWatch is in a greater state of readiness, with the supply chain now waiting for the production go-ahead from Apple,” Yeung said in an investors note released today. “We suspect the go/no-go decision will be made in June and are leaning toward a ‘go’ outcome at this time.”


Although an imminent release seems unlikely at this point, Tim Cook did continue to express his interest in the wearable tech market at the D11 conference just over a week ago. “There’s lots of things to solve in this space,” he said, adding it is an area that is “ripe for exploration.” It remains to be seen when Apple will take the plunge but it’s hard to argue at this point that it is an area of interest for them.

Apple has a packed year as it is with WWDC next week and then the reveal of their new iPhone(s) later this year, among other things. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: CNET

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