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Analyst claims Retina iPad Mini supplies are going to be ‘ridiculously tight’

It was rumored prior to the launch of this new tablet that the supplies of Retina iPad Mini are likely to be constrained, an analyst reiterates these fears, claiming that supplies may be “ridiculously tight.”

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After months and months of endless rumors and leaks, Apple finally announced the Retina Display touting iPad Mini on October 22. The tablet doesn’t come with any significant design changes, though it does tout a Retina Display and improved internal hardware. It is believed that supplies are going to be tight primarily because Retina Display panels for this tablet are not being made fast enough, which may lead to supply constraints.

Only recently famed Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, said that Retina iPad Mini supplies are going to be “highly constrained.” Rhoda Alexander, the director of tablet research at IHS electronics and media, says that the supply of this tablet is going to be “ridiculously tight” in the fourth quarter. The uncertainty behind this situation is compounded by the fact that Apple hasn’t provided a concrete release date for the Retina iPad Mini, it has only said that the tablet is going to be available later in November.

If these reports are true, then Apple may have a gold iPhone 5S like situation on its hands. It was rumored prior to the release of this smartphone that the gold color option will be in short supply particularly because of high demand. There have already been reports of Apple specifically ramping up production of the gold iPhone 5S to meet demand. Supplies of the Retina iPad mini are likely to open up after the fourth quarter ends.

Source: Telegraph

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