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Analyst believes Apple Retina iPad mini isn’t going to be announced this year

The latest analyst prediction suggests that Apple Retina iPad mini isn’t going to be released this year, he pegs the release in the first quarter of 2014.


Its not like there hasn’t already been enough bickering over the possibility of iPad mini 2 having a Retina display or not. Almost everyone seems to have an opinion about this, and Apple hasn’t confirmed anything as yet, which just adds to the confusion. Some believe that Retina iPad mini is going to be announced this year, while others believe that only a slightly upgraded iPad mini will be released this year which will be followed by a Retina model early next year. Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White finds himself concurring with the latter.

White claims that Apple will release a slightly updated model of the iPad mini this year, which will only bring internal hardware changes. As per his discussions with supply chain sources based in Asia, White forms the opinion that a Retina iPad mini will only be released next year, in the first quarter to be precise. He adds that at this month’s iPad event, the sole focus will be on the iPad 5, which is expected to come with major changes to both the design and the internal hardware.

Apple is rumored to conduct its iPad event on October 22, but the company hasn’t confirmed the event as yet. White contradicts a recent report which claimed that iPad mini with Retina display is indeed going to be announced at this month’s event. The best thing to do now is to just wait and see what Apple announces in the end.

Source: BGR

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