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Americans would rather give up TVs, smartphones and tablets than PCs


Americans would rather part with their TVs, smartphones or tablets than with their PCs, according to a study conducted by Vision Critical for Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.

When faced with the option of only using one device for a year, the majority of the 1,008 adults surveyed said they would pick their PC instead of other gadgets, despite the popularity of smartphones and tablet computers.

56 percent of those in Western states said they would pick their smartphone, compared to 46 percent in the Northeast and 42 percent in the Midwest.

The research also found that women are more likely to own smartphones and tablets than men, with 52 percent of women owning smartphones, compared to 43 percent of men, and 31 percent of women owning a tablet or e-reader, compared to just 25 percent of men.

A whopping 78 percent of people keep their smartphones in their bedroom at night, while 60 percent keep their phones literally next to them on a nightstand. Only 11 percent thought it was not a big deal if they accidentally left their smartphone at home all day.

Smartphones are not just all about features, however, as 45 percent like to accessorise with smartphone cases to reflect their tastes and personality.

The most telling part of the study remains the fact that when forced to choose, traditional computers rank higher on people’s lists than their more portable cousins.

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