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AMD’s upcoming Radeon 300 series GPUs could include multiple rebrands


The upcoming AMD Radeon 300 series family of desktop and mobile GPUs certainly have a lot riding on them as AMD hopes to take on NVIDIA with the new GPU lineup and put an end to slowing sales in the GPU segment. Unfortunately, it looks like much of the new lineup could be a disappointment as most of them seem to be simply rebrands of previous generation AMD GPUs.

The AMD Radeon 300 series cards have been revealed in the latest AMD Catalyst 15.3 Beta drivers. The AMD Radeon R9 370 will apparently be nothing more than a Radeon R9 270 rebrand. Similarly, the R5 310 will be a rebrand of the R5 235, R7 340 will be a rebrand of R7 240, while the R7/R5 340X/350X will be rebranded R7 250 cards. All of these cards are based on the AMD Oland GPU. It isn’t just the desktop cards that will be rebrands. The Radeon R5 M330 has been found to be a rebrand of the 8670M.

Disappointingly, it looks like the AMD Radeon R9 370 card will also be a rebrand as the card is based on Oland XT. The R9 375X and the R9 375 will be based on the Cape Verde XT GPU.

Source: Anandtech

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