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AMD’s upcoming AM4 socket gets detailed


An Italian tech website has published a new article that claims to reveal AMD socket AM4 technical details.

The website claims that the pins on the AM4 socket will be located on the processor, while the contact points will be included on the socket (µOPGA). The shift to µOPGA will allow the AM4 socket to support processors with a maximum TDP of up to 140 watts.  In terms of size, the package is expected to be about the same as a current FM2+ package, and will be square in shape with a 40mm length. As far as the pin-count goes, the website claims AM4 will have 1,331 pins, which is a major jump over 942 pins on the AM3+ socket.

The first AMD AM4 motherboards are expected to be out by the second quarter of this year.

Via: TechPowerUp

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