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AMD’s high-end Radeon RX 490 teased, may launch in December


It looks like AMD is getting ready to launch its next-gen video card based on the Vega architecture. Rumors from a few months ago suggested we’ll see Vega make its debut next year, but AMD may release the card as early as next month. If so, there is a slight possibility that the card could hit retail availability before the end of the year.

The high-end card will be aimed at the enthusiast VR market, and will be positioned against the GTX 1080. It’s currently rumored to be called the RX 490, but considering that Vega is an all-new architecture, AMD could may well introduce the RX 5XX nomenclature with the card.

As for other details, it looks like the RX 490 will likely be a dual-GPU offering, with a memory bus greater than 256 bits. AMD has mentioned that it won’t roll out further Polaris-based cards — at least in the high-end segment — so any new high-end card will likely be on the Vega 10 architecture.

That’s all we know for now. If the card is indeed set for a December unveil, we should be hearing more in the coming weeks.



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