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AMD’s FX series comes to an end with Vishera

AMD goes APU only after 2015, according to a leaked roadmap.


For AMD, desktop CPUs will be a thing of the past after 2015.

According to a roadmap leaked on HardForum AMD’s FX-series will see the company through 2015, when it will then be retired. The roadmap makes no mention of any sort of successor to the line or new CPUs using Steamroller or Excavator cores. The roadmap also notes that AMD will continue to use the AM3+ socket until 2015.


In 2015 AMD will introduce a new set of APUs for the performance and essential category. As VR-Zone previously reported, Carizzo will be launched in 2015 to succeed Kaveri in the mainstream performance category and Beema will replace Kabini in the essential category (it appears it will be launched in late 2014). AMD has previously said that Beema will be launched in “the first half of 2014”, but this new roadmap clearly shows a launch in the second half of the year.

Both Beema and Kabini will use the FT3 BGA socket. However, the low-end version of Kabini will be using the FS1B socket.

Source: HardForum

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