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AMD’s FS1b socket to get new chips and a rebrand

The often forgotten about socket to undergo an overhaul in 2014.IMG_0321

FS1b, AMD’s other notable processor socket, has been languishing for attention as of late as the launch of Kaveri on the FM2+ pin has cast a long shadow over AMD’s other workhorse socket.

But this is set to change early this year as AMD shifts attention back to FS1b with a rebranding and new products being launched for the socket.

Supply chain sources say that AMD will be dropping the FS1b moniker in favor of rebranding it to AM1.

According to information obtained by VR-Zone, AMD will be releasing an APU on the FS1b socket in March that will use the Jaguar core. This means the APU will be approximately 10 percent faster than Bobcat based chips, however because of limitations of the socket only 64-bit DDR3 memory will be supported.

While the new APU being launched on the FS1b socket will have a GCN architecture core, it is understood at this time that it will only support DirectX 11.1 and not 11.2.

As seen below, three APUs are expected: a quad-core A4-5350, A4-3850 and a dual-core E1-2650. The TDP for these chips will be 25W.


These APUs will likely be competing against a new lineup of Intel’s Bay Trail-D series of chips.

With files from Chinese VR-Zone.

One thought on “AMD’s FS1b socket to get new chips and a rebrand

  1. Celyle

    This report is inaccurate. The picture shows socket AM1. Socket FS1b is *almost* identical but it has one more pin blocked out. Chips designed for socket AM1 will not physically fit in socket FS1b.

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