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AMD upcoming Greenland GPU may feature up to 32GB of ultra-fast HBM


It looks like we’ll finally see video cards manufactured on a 14nm node next year. Nvidia is said to be in talks with TSMC over its 14nm FinFET node, where its Pascal GPU will be manufactured, with AMD rumored to go with GlobalFoundries’ 14nm process for its Greenland GPU.

The latest rumors regarding the Greenland GPU — which will utilize a new micro-architecture in the Arctic Islands family — suggest we’ll see HBM2 memory, with up to 32GB of memory available on models catered to enthusiast and professional users. Consumer-oriented cards in the series will allegedly offer 8 to 16GB of HBM2 memory.Other details relating to Greenland suggest a new ISA (instruction set architecture). With AMD making the switch to HBM with its Fury line this year, Nvidia will follow suit in 2016 with cards offering up to 32GB HBM2 as well.

With the transition to FinFET offering up to 90 percent more density than existing 28nm solutions, it is expected that both Nvidia and AMD will significantly increase the amount of transistors on offer with their next-generation GPUs, with 17 to 18 billion transistors currently being rumored.

Source: TweakTown

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