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AMD Trinity A10-5800K vs Intel Ivy Bridge i5-3470 – Discrete GPU Gaming Performance

Every other review site today will be harping on, and rightfully so. about how AMD's Trinity Radeon cores crushes the competition's HD2500/4000 in gaming graphics performance at a budget Core i3-ish price point. We at VR-Zone reckon that the average Trinity A-series APU buyer probably still has some aspirations in life, and a desire to play games smoothly on their Full HD displays. So what happens when we throw in a mid-range discrete GPU like the US$240 HD7870 (Pitcairn) into the mix? Will we see crippling CPU bottlenecks?

Update 30/9 – Added DiRT 3, Hard Reset, Lost Planet 2, Passion Leads Army and X3: Terran Conflict. Max Payne 3 and Borderlands 2 to come…

Battlefield 3

Betafield 3 is the much hyped 2011 multiplayer shooter from EA DICE that gullible fans like yours truly will be bombarded by bog standard DLCs for some time to come until the franchise refresh next year. Powered by the fairly optimized Frostbite 2 DX11 engine which scales more with GPU than CPU, we see almost no experiential difference between the two different CPU architectures here.


Crysis 2

Pretty much the same story with Crytek's CryEngine 3 powered Crysis 2, which was supposed to be the standard bearer for graphics but not living up to its namesake until later patches enabled DX11 and high resolution textures.



The Nexuiz 2012 remake is a fast paced Quake-ish shooter, also powered by the mod friendly CryEngine 3. Both processors are neck and neck here.


Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2 takes place in 1945 Berlin where you fantasize being an undercover American Office of Strategic Services (OSS) spy with the objective of taking out the members of the V-2 rocket programme. The game utilizes Rebellion's Asura engine.


Alien vs Predator

I think you'd rather have a chestbuster implanted inside you now than for me to tell you that both sides performed equally well.


Hard Reset

There starts to be a tangible difference here…

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