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AMD starts hiring world class SoC engineers

AMD enjoyed a lot of success with Geode SOC. The company is looking to re-enter the market with low-power Fusion APUs based on Bobcat CPU architecture

After all the doom and gloom of recent cleanup operation that culled 12% of its workforce, AMD has started to open job positions for engineers, especially ones in the field of SoC design (System-on-a-Chip).

In order to go forward, AMD executives know that Wall Street investors won't be impressed with the 1400 layoffs – if the market success of Apple, Nokia, Intel, BMW, Audi, Airbus (and the list goes on) show anything is that engineering excellence is what is required for success.

AMD's Rory P. Read will announce his Project WIN strategy at Financial Analyst Day in February 2012, but until then, some serious head hunting is taking place. Bear in mind that AMD did not just lay people off, the company had internal reorganization and it was good to hear that several former "directors of engineering" (GPU, CPU, Memory architects) were promoted to VP, CVP and C-level executives.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that AMD's LinkedIn page is now filled with job posts and there is active recruiting taking place behind the scenes. Bear in mind that some of these ads are searching not just for one job position, rather several talented engineers at the same time (depending on interview results). Engineers are even looked for on Twitter.

So, who is AMD looking for? The positions are mostly located in Austin (TX), Sunnyvale (CA), Boxborough (MA) and Fort Collins (CO) and we have to say that job descriptions are intriguing. This is just a small sample of jobs available:

Video Architect, Sunnyvale CA"Responsible for the design and development of x86/SSE and GPU-based Software video codecs, such as MPEG-2, H.264 and SVC"

SOC Integration Engineer, Austin TX – "Own floor planning (estimates & actual), C4 planning, packaging requirements, top level interconnects, implement overlays, full chip assembly along with associated physical verification of assembled chip for next generation AMD Server and Fusion microprocessors."

SOC Design Verification Engineer, Austin TX "This position is for an experienced verification engineer in AMD's SoC verification group working on next generation high performance x86 client and server microprocessors. The location is the Lone Star Design Center in southwest Austin."

System Software Development Engineer, Austin TX – "System Optimization Engineering team is seeking an experienced system-software developer to join AMD's modeling team for software-based simulation of AMD's future server, notebook, tablet and desktop platforms."

Learning and Development Manager, Austin TX"The L&D Manager (Finance Transformation) position will support us in the transformation of our global Finance team. Engaging our employees globally, you will support the transformation of the Finance organization through the project management, facilitation, and coaching of the team via process and culture change specifically through training development, delivery, and sustainment."

The list goes on, and if you want to check it out, hit this link. As far as AMD goes, we can only hope that the new faces in AMD will make their products even more competitive on the market.

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