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AMD said to be working with OCZ on Radeon branded SSD drives

Recent rumor corroborates 2012 report on AMD’s interest in expanding into the SSD market.


AMD is looking for another push into the memory market to complement its existing Radeon RAM brand. According to Fudzilla, AMD is looking at launching a Radeon brand of SSDs in partnership with Toshiba’s OCZ brand.

According to Fudzilla, the Radeon branded SSD would use Toshiba’s NAND memory based on its 19nm process node and a Barefoot series OCZ controller. This SSD was designed based on AMD’s specifications; it’s not a rebrand of an existing drive.

This rumor is in line with a 2012 report from Semi Accurate which said that AMD was actively exploring an entry into the SSD market. At the time AMD was in the worst of its financial straits, so creating an SSD in-house would certainly not be an option. The report said that AMD was looking for an ODM partner to build the lineup.

Fudzilla says the rationale for AMD entering the SSD market is to offer system integrators a complete AMD bundle. While the profit margin from selling a single Radeon branded SSD might not be much, the numbers add up if AMD can sell thousands of bundled APU, video card, RAM and SSD sets.

For its part AMD would not comment on Fudzilla’s rumors. But Fudzilla says an announcement should come very soon, and drives will be available in 120GB to 240GB models.

Source: Fudzilla

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