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AMD Ryzen CPUs aren’t running as hot as they are reported to be

Today AMD released a post on their official blog saying that despite what the various software and BIOS are showing, the Ryzen CPU series aren’t running as hot as is being reported.

AMD says the primary temperature reporting sensor of the processor is a sensor called “T Control,” or tCTL for short. Now they are saying that this readout is offset in certain models. The reasoning for this is to keep a consistent fan speed policy between the different models in the range. From that point of view, we understand it, but we’d also like to see the true temperatures being reported when we want to know them. AMD says temperature monitoring software will eventually catch up so we’ll know what temps the CPUs are really running at. The good news is your CPU isn’t idling at 50 or 60 degrees C.

In the meantime, AMD says you can simply subtract 20c from the software and BIOS temperature readings of the 1700X and 1800X (but not the 1700) as illustrated in this example:


AMD have also provided some information on various concerns that reviewers and end users have been reporting regarding Windows 10 thread scheduling and SMT. They believe Windows 10 thread scheduling is working as it should, and that any difference seen between Windows 10 and Windows 7 is down to the OS architecture. They also say that some unusually low FPS numbers are down to a lack of optimization that they expect to see fixed going forward.

All in all, it seems like there are still some quirks to work out, but as we found in our review, the Ryzen 1800X is a very capable processor and remains much better value than the competing X99 6900X.

Source: AMD

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